OSM Aviation Airtech can provide CAMO services for aircraft and helicopters of all sizes.



OSM Aviation Airtech is an approved CAMO organization for Part M, including subpart G+I (Airworthiness Review Certificate). OSM Aviation Airtech offers complete solutions for maintenance planning, continued airworthiness, and technical management for commercial operators on a consultancy basis.

We can offer a CAMO agreement where we hold the responsibility for following up on the airworthiness of your aircraft. This includes setting up a maintenance program and reviewing your aircraft status annually.

EASA Part-145


OSM Aviation Airtech is an approved EASA Part-145 maintenance facility (SE.145.0089) and we perform maintenance on aircraft and helicopters at our headquarters in Västerås, Sweden (ICAO-code: ESOW).

We aim to perform high-quality maintenance with minimum downtime for our customers. Our team of maintenance technicians and mechanics has thorough and broad competence and experience, enabling us to perform maintenance for all aircraft in maintenance categories II and III, a large number of helicopters, and a variety of turboprop aircraft.

Due to our large inventory of original spare parts from Cessna and Robinson, we can ensure minimal downtime for our customers.

We also conduct provide the following services at a fixed rate:

  • 500-hour inspections of slick magnets (4,300 or 6,300 SEK depending on the magnet).
  • Annual inspection of pitot-static instruments (airspeed indicators and altimeters).
  • Hull repairs for fiberglass and composite materials